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4 March, 2014



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IN FLUX is an East-meets-West music album that merges the two oceans together in an unprecedented way, featuring the musicians of Evanescence, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Silent Hill, Panzer Dragoon, Sworcery, Spelunky, and more. The union of Japanese artists alongside their Western friends shine through the album, sidestepping the language gap and communicating entirely through the universal understanding of music.


Even though Brave Wave existed more than a year before the release of In Flux (under the name Koopa Soundworks), it got officially incorporated as an official Japanese company in January 2014. And thus, In Flux is the first album released under the label upon its incorporation. Now that the label houses some of gaming's most skilled composers — including Mega Man's Manami Masumae and Ninja Gaiden's Keiji Yamagishi — the team wanted for In Flux to be a high-quality album with a higher bar than the previous ones.


  • Unique collaborations between Eastern and Western musicians, communicating entirely through music and crossing the language gap.
  • Tim McCord (of Grammy-winners Evanescence) plays his guitars over Manami Matsumae's (of Mega Man) delicate piano piece Blue Star.
  • Akira Yamaoka plays his signature haunting guitars over Jim Guthrie's bluesy voice on Wish I Were You, interpreting his own vision into it — and remaking the original song (from Takes Time; 2012) in a new fashion.
  • Eirik Suhrke and Keiji Yamagishi tennis-composed two tracks, both showcasing their unique styles in creating memorable hooks and catchy melodies.
  • Chipzel reworked a Manami Matsumae melody into something wickedly fun and experimental, going through different kind of feels.
  • Saori Kobayashi (of Panzer Dragoon Saga; Crimson Dragon) showcases her skills with a multi-faceted track titled Shattered Moon, reflecting her rough year after composing Crimson Dragon.
  • Mastered by the talented Dan Suter using his custom-made master-grade equipments, a sound engineer from Switzerland who worked for all major studios and is regarded as the top of his field. (The album seriousy sounds amazing, this is not fluff.)


In Flux - Release Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "A new album of original compositions from luminaries in the field of video game music. In Flux features collaborations that bridge east and west for unique sounds."
    - Mike Futter, Game Informer
  • "[In Flux has] a killer list of amazingly talented composers and musicians, and if you have any interest at all in video game music you owe it to yourself to check it out. Keep your ears open for these guys and gals."
    - Elliot Gay, Japanator
  • "In Flux is a great example of the kind of magic that can be conjured up when game musicians of differing backgrounds come together. What stood out even further than that for me, however, was its ability to prove once again that game composers and musicians are more than capable of creating meaningful music even when videogames aren’t involved."
    - Patrick Kulikowski, Pixelitis
  • "Every track on it is pretty solid, blending retro inspired video game chip tunes with more modern sounds."
    - Patrick Makhoul, 248AM

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Blog Post
A blog post announcing the release of the album as well as Brave Wave's participance at BitSummit MMXIV in Kyoto, Japan. bravewave.net.

Press Release
The album's press release on Gamasutra. gamasutra.com.

About Brave Wave Productions

Brave Wave is a music label based in Japan, dedicated to exploring the interplay between videogames, music and nostalgia. The dual-natured label produces and publishes music albums, both solo and compilations, as well as compose music for videogames. It is run by Kuwait-based Mohammed Taher, with operating duties handled by Tokyo-based Alexander Aniel, plus special co-directing from Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man) and Keiji Yamagishi (of Ninja Gaiden).

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In Flux Credits

Mohammed Taher
Creative Director, Executive Producer

Marco Guardia
Assistant Director, Mixing Engineer

Manami Matsumae

Keiji Yamagishi

Dan Suter
Mastering Engineer

Alexander Aniel

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